Credit Card POS Terminal, Wireless Credit Card Machine, Debit Machine, and Virtual Credit Card Terminal

Whether you need a credit card POS terminal, a wireless credit card machine, a virtual credit card terminal, or an on-the-go payment processing platform, Nordex has the solution for you.

We are able to open a merchant account for a wide range of industries, and respond to your specific business needs, from in-store processing to e-commerce solutions. Consult with one of our payment processing Specialists about our POS terminal solutions below!

POS Terminal Platform Solutions

POS Terminal: For retail stores and restaurants, or any payment processing where transactions are typically done in a face-to-face environment, a countertop POS terminal is ideal. A Nordex POS terminal can be connected via phone or internet, and processing takes just seconds. Perfect for retail stores and other physical location-based businesses.

Cordless Credit Card Machine: Need to speed up your on-location payment processing? A Cordless credit card machine will speed up processing when you have a rush of customers. Servers at restaurants, for example, are able to process payments at the customers table. To enhance your service, consider a Cordless credit card machine from Nordex.

Mobile/Wireless Credit Card Machine: For restaurant deliveries, taxis, and other businesses-on-the-go, Nordex will provide you with a mobile, wireless credit card machine and debit machine you can carry anywhere, enabling you to process payments anyplace and anytime outside your premises. If your business involves house calls and employee tracking, invest in an enhanced mobile/wireless credit card machine for better service and combine it with a field management software solution. Wireless dispatch has never been so easy!

All-in-One Solution-Virtual Merchant: Set up a virtual credit card terminal and debit machine on any PC! It can function as your virtual terminal, POS terminal, or as a gateway on your website. With its secure login and multi-user platform, virtual merchant allows you to process from any location different types of transactions. Adding a card reader or a pin pad enables swiped transactions of Visa, MasterCard and debit. You can set up recurring transactions, create custom fields, and accept gift cards. It's great for mail orders, telephone orders or any other form of merchant payment processing. If you want easy processing across a variety of platforms, get the all-in-one solution virtual credit card terminal from Nordex.

Smartphone Payment Processing: Did you know that you can turn your Blackberry, IPhone or Android phone into a functioning wireless credit card machine? Process transactions anytime, anywhere! With an optional blue-tooth device, the credit card can be read directly to your mobile phone, qualifying you for a lower processing rate. Smartphone processing is perfect for sales people on the road or mobile professionals.


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