Increase your Revenue as a Nordex Sales Partner or as an Independent Sales Rep
Become an independent sales rep or a sales partner. Take advantage of a great opportunity to earn high sales commissions whether you are a sales agent or a web developer.

Nordex offers two exciting opportunities:partners

  • an independent sales rep, and
  • a web developer sales partner.

Become a sales partner with Nordex and profit from our high sales agent commission, without altering your business model!

An Independent Sales Rep

Be An Independent Sales Rep - Opportunities
Do you have an existing customer base of businesses or organizations? Becoming an independent sales rep with Nordex enables you to provide these contacts with simple, efficient, and low-cost payment processing solutions. You will profit from high sales agent commission, and in some cases, you may benefit from recurring revenue. Whether you work independently, operate a Sales Organization, or are simply interested in offering our payment services to your network, contact Nordex today for high sales agent commission!

Web developer sales partner

Nordex's Sales Partner Program for Web Developers - e-Commerce Payment Processing Solution
Are you a web developer or webmaster implementing ecommerce payment processing solutions online? If you're interested in the opportunity for extra income, while providing your clients with online payment solutions, Nordex has the solution for you. Our ecommerce payment processing solutions offer reliable fraud protection at low processing rates. Provide your customers with the tools they need to accept credit card payments online with a secure and low-cost solution. Contact Nordex today to join our web developer sales partner program! Earn high sales agent commission while insuring quality e-commerce payment processing solution for your clients.

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  • Jimmy Staveris (Dunn's Famous) +

    After 20 years in the restaurant business I can honestly say that Nordex Solutions provides me with the one on one service that is hard to find these days. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and business model based on a passion for customer service. Keep up the good work! Jimmy Staveris (Dunn's Famous)
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