Why choose us?

While competitors focus on price to get the contract, we believe that price is just the beginning!

In this competitive market, we believe fair price is a given. We think that what set us apart are the four pillars of our very own KISS principle.

Knowledge. We see you as a business partner, not a client, and we make sure you have all the information and knowledge you need to make informed decisions.
We are passionate about the industry, what it stands for, and it’s potential. We strive to keep you informed of its changes and what they mean for your business.

Integrity. We tell it as it is: No complicated jargon. No complicated contract. No hidden fees. No contract cancellation fees (yes, we are that confident that you will love us).

Savings. Real savings based on your actual statement. We compare apples to apples in order to deliver a true reduction of the effective rate.
If you call us for just a quote… we won’t give you one! At least, not before we ask you the necessary questions to understand your needs today and your objectives for tomorrow. Why? We want to make sure you get the right service at the right price!

Service. 24/7 live support. We provide you with training, troubleshooting, and personalized service. If you have a problem with Visa or MasterCard associations, we will be there for you every step of the way.


Here is what great customer service means to us:

  • We will fill out the paperwork for you
  • We will train you and your staff on how to use the product
  • We will answer the phone when you call (a real live person!)
  • We have equipment in stock in case you have technical issues
  • We will escalate your concerns with credit associations if required
  • We will wait on hold for you
  • We will be there to answer your questions…even after the contract is signed
  • We will follow-up with you so that you maximize your system’s reporting capabilities
  • We will not treat you as a number but as a valued business partner


  • Jimmy Staveris (Dunn's Famous) +

    After 20 years in the restaurant business I can honestly say that Nordex Solutions provides me with the one on one service that is hard to find these days. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and business model based on a passion for customer service. Keep up the good work! Jimmy Staveris (Dunn's Famous)
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