Increase you revenue with Nordex's Gift Card Program
A quick and easy way to boost your sales while creating new business opportunities

Here are 5 reasons why implementing a gift card program is a smart business idea:

  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Gift cards are the perfect way to reward customers for doing business with you.Gift-Card-Page
  • Attract New Customers: Gift cards are a great way to entice new consumers to sample your business and products. They can be purchased as a gift by existing customers or distributed as a promotional item.
  • Increase Sales and Profits: Gift cards, being another product for sale, actually generate more than their face value since most card recipients spend more than the value of their card. You can also use them for return merchandise instead of cash back, thus the value stays with your business.
  • Popular with Customers and Business owners: Plastic Gifts cards are more popular and superior to the traditional paper gift voucher. They don’t wear down as easily and can be recycled. Gift cards are especially popular during the Holidays.
  • Brand your business: Having your logo on an Electronic Gift Card is a “walking” promotional item and may give the impression of being a much larger company.
The Nordex's Card Gift Program offers you two solutions

Standard Cards

Choose from selection of pre-designed card styles. Add a single color logo or customized text in your choice of font style and color. Order 100 to 1,000 cards and your customers will be loyal in no time! This option is best suited to small businesses who want to try the concept of Electronic Gift Cards.

Custom Cards

Custom card provide you with the flexibility of your own style and design. Custom card require a larger quantity to be printed. Your custom solution becomes a portable billboard in customers’ wallets and, more importantly, the cards can be used for merchandise returns, promotional items, and loyalty program.


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